Dallmayr Academy

Knowledge creates pleasure

We love the coffee bean and everything we can make from it. Day after day, we as specialists put our many years of experience, passion and expertise into every cup of coffee and tea. We pass on our skills and craftsmanship at the Dallmayr Academy – because the better your knowledge, the greater the pleasure in the cup.

A barista creating latte art in a cappuccino cup
Several Dallmayr cups, stacked together

True to the motto of “Knowledge creates pleasure”, a professional barista training team welcomes coffee enthusiasts, beginners, self-made baristas and pros and takes them on an exciting journey around the equator. The training and courses take place at our Dallmayr Academies in Munich, Brunswick and Bremen – as well as at a number of Dallmayr Vending & Office locations, for example in Teningen/Freiburg, Viersen, Ravensburg, Linz and Vienna.

Dallmayr Academy locations

Map of Dallmayr Academy locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Inspiration. Fascination. Training.

The Dallmayr Academy is the top address for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of coffee and tea. The Academy is well worth a visit – whether you’re a beginner with no previous knowledge, a long-time coffee lover, or a professional in the coffee industry. We have just the right course for every level – from the basics of using a portafilter espresso machine to creating latte art and training to become an SCA-certified barista.

Simone Werle and Rudolf Krapf from Dallmayr tasting tea
Freshly brewed espresso flowing from a portafilter espresso machine into Dallmayr espresso cups

Under the guidance of our experts, participants get to experience coffee and tea culture first-hand, learn about the different methods of preparation, use their senses to distinguish between various varieties, and work directly on a portafilter espresso machine.

Training courses

*SCA certified **in Brunswick, Germany