Siebträger mit Kaffeemehl wird getampert

Course content

  •     Support from a coffee coach during day-to-day business at your food-service location
  •     Analysis of the situation at your site
  •     Suggestions for optimising work processes
  •     Working together to set up and learn how to use the coffee grinders and machines
  •     Refinement of the preparation techniques
  •     Training for the entire team


  •     Course language: German
  •     The Coffee Coaching training course is aimed at coffee professionals
  •     Duration: 1–2 days


  •     On request


Coffee Coaching

Are you in the food-service business? And do you want to improve your knowledge and barista skills on the coffee machine? During this Coffee Coaching course, our trainers will join you and your team for one to two days at your location.

How do I prepare a perfect espresso? What are the techniques for steaming milk and how do the various coffee machines differ? Find out from our coaches on this course – and get the answers to your own, individual questions. You will also take a closer look at quality, speed and precision in the various work processes involved.

At the end of this course, each participant will be able to set and readjust the grinder, optimise their work processes on the machine, and prepare a perfect cup of coffee in next to no time.

Book our Coffee Coaching for your café, restaurant or hotel. We look forward to hearing from you!


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