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On the first floor of the tradition-steeped delicatessen, you can enjoy a first class dining experience thanks to the Michelin-starred chef Diethard Urbansky and the care of maître d’ Barbara Englbrecht.

Under the management of Diethard Urbansky, eight chefs pamper a maximum of 40 guests with unique accuracy and perfection. In addition, the delicatessen on the ground floor guarantees the unparalleled freshness and unsurpassable quality of the ingredients.

The wonderful wines recommended by our expert sommelier also come from the store’s very well equipped wine cellar. Thus, the Dallmayr Michelin-starred restaurant allows you to enjoy a whole world of delights which provides a unique experience every time.

Diethard Urbansky’s classic modern cuisine

Two principles that were created with regard to classic modern architecture also describe Urbansky’s style of cuisine:

For the head chef of Restaurant Dallmayr, the preparation of a dish has to obey the nature of its ingredients. He only uses produce that he has rigorously inspected, and does not tolerate any unusual changes in taste, aroma or composition.

“Less is more” is the logical extension of the first principle. You will never find anything superfluous in Urbansky’s exciting, subtly-arranged creations which are meticulously planned to the last detail. Nothing is merely decorative; everything is there for its taste. And this is Diethard Urbansky’s classic modern style – with culinary perfection.

A whole world
of delights

At Restaurant Dallmayr, the guest can choose from two carefully composed menus or put together his/her own menu à la carte.

On the wine list, there are more than 700 items from well-known and less well-known vineyards, primarily from the well-known regions of the “old world” (i.e. Europe). Our sommelier Julien Morlat would be happy to advise you.

An inspiring

When you dine at Restaurant Dallmayr, you will, after a while, notice the many small and subtle details which await you here. A lot of attention has been given to exquisite materials and a special level of workmanship in the high-quality interior design and fittings. Every detail is harmonious. The furniture and fittings were produced by their manufacturers exclusively for Restaurant Dallmayr.


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