I am Azzurro.

Your Espresso full of serenity.

Dallmayr Capsa Lungo Azzurro

I am Africa.

Your lungo full of spice.

Dallmayr Capsa Lungo Africa

I am Prodomo.

Your premium coffee full of tradition

Dallmayr Capsa Lungo Prodomo

I am Barista.

Your espresso full of passion

Dallmayr Capsa Espresso Barista

I am Belluno.

Your lungo full of lightness

Dallmayr Capsa Lungo Belluno

Coffee pleasure with capsa
from an aluminium capsule

The new aluminium capsule provides the perfect seal for Dallmayr capsa.
It protects the coffee’s wonderful flavours and aromas until they are released in the cup during preparation.

Dallmayr Espresso Barista Kapsel neben Espresso

firm crema

Always consistent quality
in the cup

Perfect protection against light,
air and moisture

A “treasure chest of aromas”
made of light material

Der Grüne Punkt®

Recyclable Der Grüne Punkt®
Dallmayr capsa aluminium capsules are licensed with “Der Grüne Punkt” (the Green Dot). In Germany, our customers can dispose of their used capsules in the yellow sack, the yellow bin or the corresponding recycling bins. This way, the aluminium is returned to the recyclable materials cycle.
So join in and play your part!

A modern, high-quality design
and pleasant feel

Innovative technology
for perfect coffee pleasure

100% compatible
with all NESPRESSO®* machines

* Trademark of a third-party company

Discover our capsa range

Discover the 15 distinctive premium coffees from our Dallmayr capsa range
– each packed in capsules that preserve the coffee’s flavour and aroma. Each capsa variety is compatible with the NESPRESSO®* system for private households.

Dallmayr capsa BoostDallmayr capsa Crema d'OroDallmayr capsa Lungo DecaffeinatoDallmayr capsa Crema d'Oro IntensaDallmayr capsa prodomoDallmayr capsa Gran Verde EspressoDallmayr capsa BellunoDallmayr capsa Gran Verde Lungo IntensoDallmayr capsa AzzurroDallmayr capsa BaristaDallmayr capsa Lungo Selection AfricaDallmayr capsa RistrettoDallmayr capsa Espresso DecaffeinatoDallmayr capsa Mild Roast

Sustainable coffee pleasure
from an aluminium capsule

Dallmayr capsa Granverde Packungen und Kapseln

Dallmayr capsa Gran Verde is now packed in recyclable aluminium capsules. The capsules are ideal for protecting flavour and aroma from light, air and moisture until the coffee is brewed in the cup. Each capsule contains the exact amount of coffee needed to prepare a cup of lungo or espresso within seconds in a Nespresso®* machine. Pre-portioning in this way helps to protect resources and ensures that no coffee or water is wasted.

The capsule material is made from 80% recycled aluminium especially for Gran Verde.
In Germany, the recyclable aluminium capsules are licensed with “Der Grüne Punkt” (the Green Dot), and can be disposed of in the yellow sack, the yellow bin or at scrap-metal collection points after use.

premium quality

Made in Germany

Dallmayr capsa is compatible with
all common NESPRESSO ® * machines.

Dallmayr capsa Kaffeekapsel in Nespresso(R) System Kapselmaschine mit Espresso Tasse