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The perfect taste

Pure arabica quality for generations

Perfectly refined premium quality. There is hardly any other name that has defined the taste of coffee for generations as much as Dallmayr prodomo.

Our tips for preparation

Dallmayr prodomo is perfect for the traditional preparation of filter coffee – whether it is prepared in a filter machine...

Expert interview on filter coffee

It has long been experiencing a revival. Often disguised by terms such as “pour over coffee” or “brewed coffee”, good old filter coffee has crept into the world’s hot spots again.

prodomo in a different form

Dallmayr prodomo cake
Dallmayr prodomo cake


Cake mixture

200 g butter
80g sugar
pulp of ½ pod of vanilla, grated zest of ½ an organic lemon, pinch of salt Stir the butter and sugar together until smooth and then cream with the egg yolk.
100 g egg yolk (5 egg yolks)

200 g coffee essence
(Heat up 200 ml cream, add 50 g coffee beans and steep; after 10 minutes, sieve out the coffee beans. Leave the coffee cream to cool.
Mix the cooled coffee essence with the flour in alternate directions.
300 g flour 405
10 g starch

150 g egg whites (5 egg whites)
120 g sugar
Pinch of salt

Put a small part of this mixture aside for the top layer.

Stir and fold 1-2 tbsp. cocoa powder with 30 ml coffee into the rest.
Pour this darker coffee cake mixture into the cups. Finally, put the light coffee cake mixture on over this.

Bake at approx. 160°C for 25 - 30 minutes in a convection oven, leave to cool slightly and eat warm.

Ingredients for 6 large cups:

200 g butter
200 ml cream
200 g sugar
300 g flour (405)
10 g starch
50 g Dallmayr prodomo coffee beans
5 eggs (separated)
Pulp of 1/2 pod of vanilla
Grated zest of 1/2 lemon
1-2 tbsp. cocoa powder
2 pinches of salt

The prodomo fan quiz

How much do you know about prodomo? Find out ...

What does the word prodomo mean?

What coffee beans define the typical taste of Dallmayr prodomo?

Complete the following claim: "Dallmayr prodomo, perfectly ... premium coffee”

When was the Dallmayr prodomo brand established?


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