Career at Dallmayr

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Training and Careers at Dallmayr.

Michelin-starred chefs, event managers, coffee buyers, vending machine fillers, sales representatives for the food service industry or marketing assistants – regardless of the job description, there is something that we require from everyone in our team:

They should actively carry forward ideas of product and service quality into the future through their thoughts and actions.

Career at Dallmayr

At the Dallmayr headquarters, in the heart of Munich, we provide training in these six careers:

  • Businessman/-woman in retail

  • Chef

  • Restaurant manager

  • Event manager

  • Merchant in wholesale and exports for coffee and tea specialities

  • Businessman/-woman for office management

3 questions for...

Portrait Kevin Alvaran, Auszubildender zum Automatenfachmann
Kevin Alvaran (24)

2nd year
trainee vending machine specialist

What does a typical working day look like for you?

My day starts at 7.45 with resource planning and a discussion of the problems of the previous day with our workshop manager and my colleagues. Then we process our orders – either directly on the customer’s premises or in the workshop. In the event of faults, there is always a trained technician at hand, but I am already able to rectify smaller defects myself. When required, I also help out with the operation management, i.e. I fill, clean and cash up the vending machines on-site. At around 17.00, I finish work – but it may be later, depending on the customer and the journey time. Read more

What do you particularly like about your job?

It is never boring. The work of a vending machine specialist is very varied. I frequently do not know what the day will hold when I start work in the morning. Sometimes I am doing a lot of work in the workshop, and then I am on the move again and am mainly working with customers. The machines are all different too – there are hot drinks machines, machines for cold drinks, for snacks... that is a good mixture!

What skills should a good vending machine specialist bring with them?

As a vending machine specialist, you need team spirit and a high level of commitment. You must also always be prepared for a surprise. No day is like another. Sometimes a lot of machines have to be prepared, set up and filled on one day. To prevent errors, total concentration, stamina and cleanliness are required. And, of course, you must also demonstrate a good instinct for the customers’ requirements, and you should always be friendly.

Portrait Adriano Mannhardt, Auszubildender zum Einzelhandelskaufmann
Adriano Mannhardt (19)

1st year
trainee retail merchant

Why did you choose to train as a retail merchant at Dallmayr?

My Grandma has a small grocery store by Lake Tegernsee. She is now 77 years old, and I would like to take her store into the 4th generation. I have helped out in the store since I was small. Therefore, I have known that I wanted to train as a retail merchant for a long time, and Dallmayr was my first choice of training company. The Munich-based family-run company is one of the leading delicatessens in Europe and is regarded as number one when it comes to gourmet food. Tradition meets quality here – just like in my Grandma’s store. Read more

Which specialist department in the delicatessen are you most looking forward to working in?

That is difficult to say; all the departments are exciting. But if I can choose, the sausage and cheese counters appeal to me most. The variety in the delicatessen is very impressive – I would like to offer some of the products later myself. However, I am also greatly taken with the wine department. That is where I spent the first few weeks of my training and where I discovered my passion for good wine.

What skills are particularly important when dealing with the customers?

Expertise. You can’t deceive the customers. And, of course, you should always be friendly and prepared for difficult situations. In your everyday work, you also have to deal with unpleasant customers, so it is important to keep your composure and to always remain polite. I am only too familiar with that from home.