Coffee can be prepared in very different ways – depending on a particular lifestyle, culture, occasion or personal taste. Whether it’s a quick cup of instant coffee when camping, a machine or hand-brewed filter coffee in the morning, a cappuccino at the touch of a button or an espresso à la barista, prepared in a portafilter espresso machine: each method offers something different in terms of flavour.

The various methods of preparation:

Knowledge creates pleasure

Whatever method of preparation you choose, it’s always about achieving the right balance. An over-extracted coffee, where too many soluble substances are extracted from the grounds, usually tastes too strong and too bitter. An under-extracted coffee on the other hand tastes weak and bland. Know-how and a fine feel for the coffee are required to get the most out of the beans each time. The higher the quality of the original coffee or espresso, the better the flavour of the countless specialities you can subsequently create.