The Aeropress

So many possibilities with this one small device: the talented all-rounder for coffee and espresso.

Illustration of an Aeropress

The clue to this method is in the name: with the Aeropress, the coffee is pushed indirectly with air through the device. Whether you’re on a hike, travelling or at home: this is a simple and robust product with no technological frills – and is suitable for single portions. For this method, you put the coffee and hot water into a cylinder and – after leaving for a short time to steep – use a piston to push the coffee through filter paper. In contrast to a French press, the coffee is pressed into a separate pot or cup. The coffee is also carefully separated from the coffee grounds thanks to filter paper with fine pores. This versatile brewing method results in a light and aromatically diverse cup of coffee.

Our tip:

With the Aeropress, you can adjust any parameter you choose (brewing time, brew pressure, water quantity and coffee quantity), giving you the chance to discover the various sides to your coffee, over and over again.

Round filter paper being put into the Aeropress filter holder
The Aeropress being filled with ground coffee
Hot water being added to ground coffee in the Aeropress
The Aeropress plunger being pressed down on a cup

Ingredients & equipment

  • Aeropress and filter paper
  • 16 g fresh, medium-fine ground coffee
  • 220 ml hot water

Here’s what to do:

  1. Put the round filter paper into the black filter holder and rinse it with hot water.
  2. Slide the plunger a little way into the brewing cylinder, turn it upside down and add the coffee.
  3. Now pour some of the hot water over the ground coffee and allow to bloom. Then add the remaining water, stir and leave to steep for around a minute.
  4. Screw on the Aeropress filter holder, turn the device over and place it on the cup or mug. Then slowly push down the plunger.