The Chemex

The Chemex is a real eye-catcher:

Illustration of a Chemex brewer

the hourglass-shaped glass carafe with a wooden collar is inspired by simple Bauhaus design. But its attractive features aren’t the only reason we love this coffee maker; the Chemex also uses a special filter. This filter removes most of the oils in the coffee, creating a clean and sometimes sweeter cup with more recognisable flavours and aromas coming through. The coffee is both prepared and served in the beautiful glass carafe,

Our tip:

and swirling it backwards and forwards after brewing, just like a decanter, is particularly good for developing the coffee’s flavours and aromas.

A filter being folded for the Chemex brewer
Hot water being added to ground coffee in the Chemex brewer
The coffee is in the blooming phase
The filter with the extracted coffee grounds being removed from the Chemex brewer

Ingredients & equipment

  • A Chemex brewer for 6–8 cups and
  • Chemex filter paper
  • 36 g / 45 g freshly ground coffee
  • 600 ml / 800 ml hot water (91–95°C)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Fold the filter and place it in the Chemex (the three-layered side of the filter should be lined up against the spout). Rinse the filter with hot water and then pour this water away.
  2. Put the coffee into the filter and add 50–100 ml of water. Leave the mixture for a moment to swell or “bloom”.
  3. After around 30 seconds, pour the remaining water in an even, circular motion over the coffee. Keep adding the water in this way to prevent the coffee becoming dry.
  4. After extraction is complete, remove and dispose of the filter and enjoy your coffee!