Ausschank von heißem Wasser bei Teeprobe

Course content

  •     Building on existing tea knowledge
  •     A more in-depth look at the sensory evaluation of tea
  •     Tasting special teas (oolong, gyokuro, First Flush, etc.)
  •     Differences between various grades of leaf
  •     A more in-depth look at fruit and herbal teas


  •     Course language: German
  •     Previous participation in our Tearista Basic course is recommended
  •     Duration: 1 day – incl. examination for certification
  •     Each participant receives a handout and certificate


  •     €240.00 incl. VAT


Tearista Basic Plus

Whether it’s matcha, gyokuro, Second Flush, oolong or tea rarities from the most remote corners of the world: here, we take a closer look at special “orthodox” teas and build on what we learned in the Tearista Basic course.

After delving into the world of traditional tea making, you will experience the diverse and fascinating facets of “orthodox tea”: for example, there is far more to green tea than the classics “sencha” and “matcha”. We visit different tea-growing regions and examine the teas that are cultivated there. There’s no shortage of sensory evaluation, either: tasting and assessing these special teas is a major part of this Tearista Basic Plus course.

We are currently revising the course module. Send us an inquiry for more information!