Course content

  •     Checking and measuring extractions with a refractometer
  •     Sensory evaluation of extractions
  •     Roasting levels and their impact on extraction
  •     Water and its components (measuring and sensory analysis)
  •     Machine basics
  •     Decaffeination processes
  •     Customer service
  •     Financial management
  •     Hygiene and safety
  •     SCA examination (theoretical and practical)


  •     Course language: German
  •     SCA Intermediate certificate and at least one year of experience as a professional barista are required.
  •     Duration: 3.5 days 
  •     Credits for the SCA Coffee Diploma System: 25


  • €1070.00 incl. VAT

SCA-Barista Professional

The SCA certificate (Speciality Coffee Association) is one of the few internationally recognised standards. You can take the written and practical exams for this certificate at our Academy.

The Barista Professional certification is aimed at professional baristas who have worked in the coffee sector for at least one year, have extensive knowledge in the field, and have already obtained the Intermediate certificate. Now it’s time for part three: in Barista Professional, we go into even more depth and explore milk and water, measure the extractions of different brew recipes, and take a closer look at the most important skills in food-service (calculations, customer service, financial management). In this course, we will help you to further enhance your sensory skills, examine machine basics, and learn how plant-based milk is produced.

To take part in this course, you should already have advanced skills in this area and an SCA Intermediate certificate. After three and a half intensive days, you’ll have taken the final step towards your goal – and after passing the exams, you’ll have the certificate to prove it!

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