Barista gießt Latte Art in eine Cappuccino Tasse

Course content

  •     Theory – Introduction to the topic: Milk and latte art
  •     The perfect steamed milk
  •     Pouring your first designs
  •     Training on the portafilter espresso machine
  •     Types of drink
  •     Cleaning / hygiene


  •     Course language: German   
  •     Previous knowledge and experience: This course builds on our Barista Basic course and Barista Introductory Course
  •     Duration: approx. 4 hours
  •     Each participant receives a handout and certificate



  •     €145.00 incl. VAT.



Latte Art Basic

Latte art is an art in itself – and baristas need some experience and skill to succeed. So for this course, you’ll already need some basic barista skills. If that’s the case, then there’s nothing standing in the way of you creating pretty leaves and heart

You already feel comfortable using your portafilter espresso machine – but those hearts and leaves just never turn out quite how you want them to? No problem! In our Latte Art Basic course, you’ll learn what it takes to create latte-art from the ground up.

We start by practising how to make the perfect steamed milk, before moving on to a number of practical exercises. Then we show you step by step how to create beautiful latte-art hearts and other motifs. No doubt about it: with a little practice, you’ll soon be impressing your guests with your latte-art skills.

Latte Art Basic is aimed at baristas with some previous experience and who are proficient in the relevant steamed milk techniques. The course includes several practical exercises that will help you dive deep into the world of latte art.

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