Course content 

  •     Theory: Introduction to the world of coffee (history, cultivation, harvest, processing, roasting)
  •     Sensory evaluation of coffee
  •     Setting the grinder
  •     Espresso extraction
  •     Steaming milk
  •     Work practices
  •     Cleaning / hygiene
  •     SCA examination (theoretical and practical)
  •     Credits for the SCA Coffee Diploma System: 5


  •     Course language: German
  •     No previous knowledge required
  •     Duration: 1.5 days
  •     Credits for the SCA Coffee Diploma System: 5


  •     €466.50 incl. VAT



The SCA certificate (Speciality Coffee Association) is one of the few internationally recognised standards. You can take the written and practical exams for this certificate at our Academy.

The SCA Barista Foundation course is aimed at members of the food-service industry as well as ambitious home baristas. In this course, you’ll not only learn everything you need to know about coffee – you’ll also receive the SCA certificate, an international standard that’s recognised around the world.

The SCA Barista Foundation course is the perfect preparation for the SCA exam, which you can take at the Dallmayr Academy directly after the workshop.

So in the end, you’ll not only have mastered the ins and outs of the portafilter espresso machine, but you’ll also have the certificate to prove it!

Perfect for café owners, ambitious baristas, hoteliers and other professionals in the food-service industry.

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