Auszug einer Teeprobe von offenen Teesorten

Course content

  •     Theory: Introduction to tea (history, cultivation, botanical characteristics, harvest, processing and sorting)
  •     Differences between white, green and black tea
  •     Herbal and fruit teas
  •     Training in sensory evaluation incl. a journey through the world of tea
  •     Professional tea tasting
  •     Perfect preparation
  •     Storing tea correctly


  •     Course language: German
  •     No previous knowledge required
  •     Duration: approx. 4 hours
  •     Each participant receives a handout and certificate


  •     €145.00 incl. VAT

Tearista Basic

Tea has an almost endless variety of flavours. Join us as we dive deep into this fascinating world, and experience tea with all your senses.

Whether you’re in the food-service business or a tea enthusiast who simply wants to learn more: this course is aimed at anyone who loves tea.

Together, we will explore the history, botanical characteristics, cultivation, harvesting and processing of different teas. After an introduction to sensory evaluation, we will taste a number of teas, including a First Flush from Darjeeling, tea from Assam, green sencha tea from Japan and flavoured, herbal and fruit teas. We will awaken your passion for tea, train your taste buds and equip you with the relevant skills for correct preparation.

Also perfect as a gift for tea lovers.

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