Kaffeebohnen in Schale

Roastery tour

  •     Introduction to the art of roasting
  •     Exclusive insights


  •     Course language: German
  •     Only available in Brunswick
  •     Duration: approx. 2 hours


  •     €80.00 (incl. VAT) per person


Roastery tour

An exclusive look at a coffee roastery: learn about the art of roasting at a unique location. Welcome to our roastery tour in Brunswick.

Get an inside look at the heart of a roastery – and see how green coffee beans are transformed into aromatic roasted coffee. Here you can see for yourself how the art of roasting coffee works.

You’ll be joined by roasting professionals who will tell you all about the roasting process. We’ll talk about the different roasting methods and show you what makes our coffee so special. What are the odds you’ll emerge from this tour as a real coffee expert?

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