Course content

  •     Theory: A more in-depth look at the world of coffee (history, cultivation, harvest, processing, roasting)
  •     Sensory evaluation of coffee
  •     The essentials of sensory evaluation for espresso
  •     Measuring and calculating extraction
  •     Measuring and analysing different types of water
  •     Steamed milk techniques and latte art according to SCA standards
  •     Workspace management and simple calculations
  •     Customer service, hygiene & safety
  •      SCA examination (theoretical and practical)


  •     Course language: German
  •     Existing SCA Foundation or similar certification recommended, as well as basic skills in latte art
  •     Duration: 2 days 
  •     Credits for the SCA Coffee Diploma System: 10


  •     €515.00 incl. VAT


SCA-Barista Intermediate

The SCA certificate (Speciality Coffee Association) is one of the few internationally recognised standards. You can take the written and practical exams for this certificate at our Academy.

The Barista Intermediate course is aimed at professional baristas who have already obtained the Foundation certificate. Now it’s time for part two: in our Barista Intermediate course, we go into more depth and explore the specific origin characteristics of the different coffee-growing countries, measure coffee extraction yields and learn how different types of water can impact our coffee in the cup. The course also examines the components of milk and takes a closer look at latte art. This is a concept you should be familiar with.

You should already have basic skills in this area. After two intensive days, you’ll have taken another significant step towards your goal – and after passing the exams, you’ll have the certificate to prove it!

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