Barista erklärt Schulungsteilnehmerin das richtige Tampern

Course content

  •      Theory – Introduction to the topic: Coffee (cultivation, harvest, processing, roasting, preparation)
  •     Setting up the machine and grinder
  •     The perfect espresso
  •     The perfect steamed milk
  •     Training on the portafilter espresso machine
  •     Espresso-based drinks
  •     Cleaning / hygiene


  •     Course language: German
  •     No previous knowledge required
  •     Duration: 1 day
  •     Each participant receives a handout and certificate


  •     €240.00 incl. VAT


Barista Basic

Baristas live out their passion for coffee. They know the secrets of a good espresso and can juggle effortlessly between portafilters and milk jugs. In our Barista Basic course, you’ll learn about the world of coffee from the ground up.

In this barista training course, you’ll learn about the origins and history of coffee. You’ll gain an insight into the different types of coffee beans and growing regions, and enhance your practical skills on the espresso machine. Together, we’ll prepare the perfect espresso and practise how to make fantastic steamed milk.

In Barista Basic, you’ll learn everything a barista needs to know. What’s the ideal grinding level? How do I set up the coffee grinder? And we’ll also answer any individual questions you may have here in the course. Barista Basic is the ideal introduction for all those who want to use their portafilter espresso machine correctly.

A fantastic course for portafilter newbies or baristas who want to enhance their core skills. Also ideal as a gift voucher!

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