Dalgona – the iced coffee with a whipped topping

The recipe for this coffee trend

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The dalgona coffee trend: some background

Dalgona coffee originally comes from South Korea. It tastes similar to a toffee-like sweet called dalgona – which is where the coffee gets its name. During the coronavirus lockdown, videos of homemade dalgona coffees went viral in South Korea on TikTok and YouTube. The message was clear: people were making things at home as comfortable as possible! It didn’t take long for coffee lovers around the world to catch on and make the drink, too. Why not post your dalgona coffee on Instagram? We’ll be delighted to repost your little work of art – simply use the hashtag #whippedDallmayrGold.

Our tip:

You can make the coffee with any kind of milk (or milk substitute). You can also use drinking chocolate as an alternative to coffee.

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