Cold Brew Coffee

So much more than just cold coffee

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Whether on its own with ice or served as a cool mixed drink with or without alcohol – cold coffee can be used in a range of recipes that provide an extra caffeine boost and is the perfect refreshment on warm summer days. Here, we’ll show you step by step how to prepare cold brew with coffees from our Röstkunst (art of roasting) range.

Cold brew: coffee brewed with cold water

With its mild and fruity flavour, cold brew is a refreshing alternative to warm filter coffee. The subtle difference is down to how the coffee is brewed: in contrast to filter coffee or espresso, cold brew is prepared with cold water and is steeped for between 17 and 24 hours according to taste. Cold-brew coffee is particularly palatable due to its low acidity and stands out for its fruity flavour and natural sweetness. Stored in the fridge, this coffee retains its flavour and aroma for a good two weeks. 

The basics: preparing cold brew

A French press is ideal for preparing cold-brew coffee.

  1. Add one litre of lukewarm water (approx. 30°C) to 100 g of fresh, medium-coarse ground coffee and stir well.
  2. Push the plunger of the French press down a little so that all the coffee grounds are under water.
  3. Leave the coffee to steep for around 17–24 hours at room temperature. Then, slowly push the plunger down to the bottom of the beaker.
  4. Pour the coffee through a filter into another pot or container. All done!
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Which coffee can I use to prepare cold brew?

What’s important is that you don’t use a roast that is too dark. In contrast to a very dark roast where roasted aromas would dominate, a lighter roast allows the coffee to perfectly express the individual variety of flavours and aromas from the region where it is grown – as well as any special characteristics resulting from the processing methods at the origin. The cold extraction is particularly good at bringing out the coffee’s flavours and aromas. Many of the coffee’s bitter components are not released, and nuances specific to the variety come more strongly to the fore.

Unser Tipp:

We recommend making cold brew with fruity coffee specialities, for example Ethiopian Crown from our Röstkunst (art of roasting) range. This single-origin coffee stands out for its typical spicy, herbal taste and intense mocha flavour. Preparing it as cold brew really brings out the coffee’s nuances of caramel and dark berries.

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Three simple recipes for you to try

Brewed cold, coffee is the perfect basis for refreshing mixed drinks and cocktails. It tastes great on its own, with ice or a dash of lemon juice – or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, some cold coconut milk, or as a cocktail mixed with soda, tonic water or ginger ale.

Cold Brew Ginger

Ginger is a true all-rounder. Mixed with cold-brew coffee, it creates a spicy, zesty and excitingly refreshing combination. A dash of orange juice rounds things off, lending the cocktail a pleasant fruity note.

Ingredients: 60 ml cold-brew coffee made with Dallmayr Röstkunst Ethiopian Crown, 150 ml ginger ale or ginger beer, freshly squeezed orange juice, ice cubes, sugar syrup as required and orange peel to garnish

Preparation: Put the cold brew, ginger ale / ginger beer and ice cubes into a glass and stir. Then, top up with a dash of orange juice, sweeten with sugar syrup as required and garnish with orange peel.

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Cold brew coconut

Coconut milk makes cold-brew coffee sweeter and creamier. This gives the coffee a lighter character – perfect for warm summer days.

Ingredients: 150 ml cold-brew coffee made with Dallmayr Röstkunst Ethiopian Crown, 80 ml coconut milk or coconut drink, ice cubes

Preparation: Start by putting the cold-brew coffee and ice cubes into a glass. Next, gradually add the coconut milk or coconut drink, stir and enjoy!

Tip: If the coconut milk forms flakes, then simply stir the mixture again.

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Cold brew tonic

Mixing tonic water with coffee not only gives you a delicious energy drink, but it also serves as a refreshing variation of a classic gin and tonic cocktail – albeit without alcohol. Add some cucumber for extra freshness.

Ingredients: 60 ml cold-brew coffee made with Dallmayr Röstkunst Ethiopian Crown, 10 ml sugar syrup, cucumber, soda or tonic water, crushed ice

Preparation: Put the cold-brew coffee and ice into a glass and fill to the top with soda/tonic water. Add the sugar syrup and two slices of cucumber, stir and enjoy!

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