Selection of the Year Africa

Dallmayr presents a new highlight from the Crema d’Oro product line

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Dallmayr continues with its successful Selection of the Year series, which forms part of the Crema d’Oro range. In 2024, coffee lovers can embark on a delightful journey through the fascinating world of East African coffee. The blend of selected arabica and robusta beans brings the characteristic flavours of the birthplace of coffee to the cup.

The taste of Africa

The origins of coffee lie in East Africa, where the coffee plant was discovered in the 9th century – along with its invigorating effects. Even today, this region continues to produce the most exquisite coffee beans the continent has to offer. For the Selection of the Year, our coffee experts have selected exquisite coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The blend of elegant highland arabica and robusta beans stands out for its characteristic East African flavour with aromas of dark chocolate, floral citrus notes and a hint of blackcurrant.

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Did you know?

Ethiopia is considered to be the original home of coffee. Preparing coffee has been a tradition there for centuries and is celebrated as a social event. During a traditional coffee ceremony, the coffee beans are roasted and ground by hand and often combined with exotic spices. The ceremony forms an integral part of social and cultural life in Ethiopia.

A new selection each year – a success story since 2017

The packaging for the current Selection of the Year glistens in a rich shade of blue and has a subtle zebra-style design. The elephant in the centre is a symbol of good luck and happiness for the special moments of indulgence that this year’s edition offers – experiencing the grey giant in person is a moment you will never forget. The Africa Selection of the Year is the latest addition to this successful series of coffees. Each Selection of the Year comes from a different coffee-growing country and delights coffee lovers with its unique flavour profile.