Dallmayr Ethiopia

A coffee as diverse as its country of origin

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Did you know that your favourite drink comes from Ethiopia? The country has had a special significance for Dallmayr for more than 60 years.

Ethiopia – particularly close to our hearts

More than 60 years ago, Konrad Werner Wille travelled to Ethiopia on his search for exceptional coffee beans. His journey formed the basis for a close partnership between Dallmayr and the East African country. Even today, the characteristic flavour of many Dallmayr coffees comes from highland arabica beans grown in Ethiopia. The project work in Dano is particularly important to our Munich-based, family-run company.

Our support for reforestation programmes has already helped to lay the foundations for a fertile coffee-growing region. Working together with the “Menschen für Menschen” foundation, the construction of the new Kekero Jibat Higher Primary School in the Dano region represented the first milestone in our commitment to comprehensive development cooperation. And with the coffee cooperative, we are now going one step further and are developing a coffee infrastructure in the region to generate added value for the local people.

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15 years of Dallmayr Ethiopia

Drinking coffee has a special place in Ethiopian society. The practice sees family and friends coming together to celebrate the joys of coffee. Back at home, Dallmayr Ethiopia is the perfect product for coffee lovers who want to take the time to enjoy a good cup of coffee. The sustainable coffee is picked carefully by hand in Ethiopia and is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. When brewed, aromas of wild herbs, lemongrass and a hint of dark chocolate unfold in the cup. Dallmayr Ethiopia tastes particularly good when prepared as filter coffee. And anyone looking for something more creative will simply love our recipe for Giraffe Coffee!


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Recipe tip: Giraffe Coffee

To celebrate 15 years of Dallmayr Ethiopia in style, we’ve come up with an extra-special recipe that even matches the product packaging – Giraffe Coffee!

  1. Prepare 150 ml of Dallmayr Ethiopia filter coffee in a cup.
  2. Using a teaspoon, dab hazelnut chocolate cream around the inside of a glass to create “giraffe spots”.
  3. Slowly fill the glass with 250 ml of warm steamed milk.
  4. Now, add the coffee you prepared earlier, stir carefully and enjoy!

Did you know?

Ethiopia is regarded as the birthplace of coffee. According to legend, Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, discovered coffee in the 9th century AD. While grazing his goats, he noticed that the animals were particularly energetic after eating the red cherries of the coffee plant. After trying the cherries, he also noticed the invigorating effects for himself, and news of the discovery soon spread. Since then, Ethiopia has been considered the original home of coffee. Whether found in Brazil, India, Kenya or Colombia – all arabica coffee varieties today are descendants of those first wild plants in Ethiopia.