Coffee enjoyment with a kick: Irish coffee

The recipe for the Irish coffee classic

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Do you love freshly brewed coffee and the taste of a mild whiskey? Then Irish coffee is just the hot drink you’re looking for! The coffee speciality from Ireland has a mild, sweet flavour and a unique aroma – thanks to the combination of a full-bodied, hot coffee and whiskey.

This coffee cocktail’s success story began around the year 1940 at Shannon Airport in Ireland. It was here that the chef Joe Sheridan created a warming drink for travellers whose flight to the USA had been delayed due to bad weather conditions. To warm them up, Sheridan served them a hot coffee with a shot of whiskey and cream.

Making Irish coffee is easy

To make a classic Irish coffee, you need coffee, brown sugar, Irish whiskey and cream.


1. Prepare a double espresso. Add hot water as required to give you around 90 ml of coffee.

2. In a separate glass, mix 1 tsp of brown sugar with 30 ml of Irish whiskey until the sugar has dissolved.

3. Pour the hot coffee into the glass and stir well.

4. Top the Irish coffee with a generous portion of whipped cream and add nutmeg to taste. Traditionally, Irish coffee is served in a preheated, tulip-shaped stemware glass.


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We recommend using a strong coffee, as the choice of coffee has a significant influence on the cocktail’s flavour and aroma. Dallmayr Espresso India Parchment Robusta from our Röstkunst (art of roasting) range is ideal, for example. Freshly brewed, this espresso speciality made with 100% robusta beans releases aromas of dark chocolate, cinnamon and tobacco in the cup – the perfect complement to a mild Irish whiskey.

Our Tip:

Use cream that has only been lightly whipped, as this has the ideal consistency for topping the coffee. Do not stir: you should drink the coffee through the layer of cream at the top of the glass.

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