Banana Cream Iced Coffee

The recipe for summer coffee indulgence

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What better way to enjoy a warm summer’s day than with a refreshing iced coffee? With our recipe for Banana Cream Iced Coffee, you’ll see your favourite beverage in a whole new light.

Are coffee and bananas a good match?

In our opinion, coffee and bananas are a perfect combination! The blend of tart coffee aromas and sweet fruity notes creates a surprisingly delightful taste experience – an exciting interplay of aromas where no nuance of flavour overpowers the other. Banana Cream Iced Coffee is a refreshing alternative to cappuccino or latte – particularly on hot summer days.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

•    One ripe banana
•    Ice cubes
•    120 ml milk
•    100 ml Dallmayr prodomo filter coffee

How do I make banana coffee?

Banana Cream Iced Coffee is incredibly easy to prepare. All it takes is a few simple steps!

  1. Prepare a cup of Dallmayr prodomo filter coffee. Transfer the coffee to a tall glass, add a handful of ice cubes and allow to cool.
  2. Put the milk, banana and remaining ice cubes into a blender and purée the mixture.
  3. Pour the resulting banana cream over the filter coffee, stir and enjoy!
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Our tip:

Vegan milk alternatives go wonderfully well with all coffee creations. We recommend almond or oat milk. If the banana is not ripe enough, you can sweeten the recipe with a teaspoon of honey.