The signs are good: sustainability seals at a glance

What sustainability seals are there for Dallmayr coffees and teas – and what do they mean?

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As high-quality natural products, tea and coffee go through several steps before they reach the cup. That’s why it’s incredibly important for us at Dallmayr to continuously organise this value chain in a more sustainable way. Our sense of responsibility begins at the very roots of our coffee and tea products: in the countries of origin themselves. As a family-run business, improving the living conditions of farmers and their families, and protecting natural resources, are topics that are very close to our hearts.

This focus on sustainability is inextricably linked with our mission to preserve the unique nuances of flavour found in the different coffee- and tea-growing regions. In the food industry, “organic” does not automatically mean “tasty” – or vice versa. That’s why we rely on long-term partnerships and transparency along the entire supply chain to ensure that the flavour of our products is of the highest quality. Our commitment to fair business relationships stretches from the plantation to the cup – so that coffee farmers are paid fairly for their work and the taste experience is guaranteed.

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We take our commitment to humankind and nature seriously – and this is confirmed by the various sustainability seals awarded to many of our products, which reflect our efforts. But what do these seals actually stand for?


Most people are likely to be familiar with the Fairtrade seal, which stands for fair trade and fair pay for coffee farmers and workers in developing countries. Dallmayr is actively committed to fair commercial structures and supports farming families and workers on the plantations. The Fairtrade Premium also makes it possible to carry out projects that benefit the producers’ communities – such as the construction of schools or hospitals.

“Dallmayr Gran Verde Filter Coffee” and “Dallmayr Gran Verde capsa Espresso” are examples of our coffees that bear the Fairtrade seal.

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Organic (Bio) certification

For coffees or teas to be certified as organic (Bio), they need to adhere to DE-ÖKO-001 standards. Behind this special code number is an organic control body that scrutinises the methods of organic farming and ensures that they contribute to the conservation of natural resources. These methods must avoid the use of synthetic pesticides or genetic engineering, and natural fertilisers need to be used. Carbon sequestration in the soil makes organic farming a form of active climate protection.

Products that bear the organic (Bio) seal include our “Dallmayr Röstkunst Peru Amazonas” coffee and “Have a Nice Day” mild herbal tea blend.

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Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance seal takes fairness one step further by looking at social and economic elements in addition to the environmental aspects of sustainability. The seal symbolises a more sustainable future for humankind and nature. Dallmayr works with certified farms whose producers are trained in more sustainable farming practices. With this approach, everyone’s a winner, as it leads to higher crop yields, more income for the farmers and better environmental protection.

Our entire “Home Barista” range and “Ethiopia filter coffee”, for example, meet the sustainability standards of this seal.

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By the way: the fact that not all of our coffees or teas bear an organic seal is often due to the extensive requirements for certification – especially when it comes to smaller plantations. Due to their high altitude, some plantations hardly need to use any fertilisers at all. However, they simply cannot afford to pay for the annual inspections that are necessary to receive these certifications. The producers we work with when purchasing our products all guarantee high quality and a commitment to nature conservation.

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By being transparent about the origin of our raw materials and the impact of farming – and, where possible, labelling our products with sustainability seals – our ultimate goal is to help you as consumers and lovers of coffee and tea. That way, you can be sure that our coffees and teas not only taste good, but also play a part in protecting humankind and nature – sip by sip.