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What the Dallmayr Academy has to offer – at a glance

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In the fascinating world of coffee and tea, there is so much to discover – from the origins of coffee beans to the finest nuances of flavour in the cup. At the Dallmayr Academy, we invite you to explore this world and pursue your passion for coffee and tea. We offer a wide range of training courses, true to the motto: “Knowledge creates pleasure”.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional: our courses are aimed at all coffee and tea lovers. With a large selection of training sessions to choose from, you’ll expand your knowledge whatever your level of expertise, improve your preparation techniques and – most importantly – get even more pleasure from the drinks you love. It’s also the perfect gift for anyone who wants to be whisked away into the fascinating world of coffee and tea!

First things first: our beginner courses

Discover the basics

We offer several beginners’ courses at the Dallmayr Academy for both coffee and tea lovers. Our Barista Basic course gives you an introduction to the basics of coffee preparation – from selecting the beans to extracting espresso – and includes practical exercises on the portafilter espresso machine. The Barista Introductory Course provides an initial insight into the world of coffee for those who already own a portafilter espresso machine. It covers coffee-bean basics, grinding levels and machine settings – and you’ll learn first-hand how to prepare espresso and cappuccino. Those who prefer tea can sign up for the Tearista Basic and Tearista Basic Plus courses. These include a comprehensive introduction to the world of tea – from its history and botanical characteristics to know-how on how best to enjoy tea at home. 

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In-depth knowledge: our advanced courses

Deepen your theoretical knowledge and practical skills

At the Dallmayr Academy, we also have a range of courses for coffee lovers with basic knowledge who want to take their skills to the next level. We offer advanced-level certification courses for aspiring professional baristas, too – such as SCA Barista Foundation and Intermediate. And for those looking to improve their barista skills even further, we give in-depth training in various disciplines – from sensory evaluation to latte art. Experienced baristas and real coffee nerds can further develop their expertise with the Barista Professional course, which takes a detailed look at the chemistry of milk and water, at machine technology, and skills in food-service. 

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Want to be a little more creative? The Academy doesn’t just teach the hard facts – it also holds special courses that focus on certain aspects of the coffee and tea world. These sessions involve creativity and finesse. They cover topics such as filter coffee, sensory evaluation and latte art – ranging from the basics to advanced techniques. Perfect for gourmets and those looking to learn about the finer details of a particular topic.

For food-service professionals, groups and companies: our individualised training courses

When you want more than just a course

The Dallmayr Academy has outstanding resources for companies and restaurants that want to train and develop their staff. We would be delighted to consider your specific needs and requirements as part of a tailor-made course. Our Coffee Coaching sessions offer individual on-site training to help food-service professionals improve their skills when using coffee machines and portafilter espresso machines. Topics include optimising work processes, practising professional mise-en-place, preparing coffee to a higher quality, and much more.

By the way: if you’re interested, you can also take a look behind the scenes on an exclusive roastery tour in Brunswick. Here, we provide insights into the roasting process and the art of coffee roasting. And, of course, you’ll be able to spend plenty of time sniffing, feeling and tasting the coffee…


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