Tasted for you: the new Dallmayr Home Barista range

A love for the craft

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I must admit that few things are better than being served a lovingly prepared hot beverage on the proverbial silver platter at your local café. So here’s to all our favourite cafés, restaurants and coffee bars! Their value is, of course, not diminished by the increasing number of products that also allow us to indulge in top-quality coffee in our own homes. Working from home has only served to reinforce this trend. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the events of the past two years have given our family little opportunity for long visits to the local coffee house – and have made us appreciate our portafilter espresso machine even more.

The new Dallmayr Home Barista range picks up on our desire to make coffee at home that’s similar to the quality we’d find in our favourite café. It also honours one of the finest and most beautiful food-service professions: the barista – someone who is fiercely dedicated to coffee craftsmanship. Alongside the required technical skills, the job involves a great deal of emotion. And this love of all things coffee is perhaps the most important requirement for aspiring home baristas. Indulgence shouldn’t be a complicated matter.



All coffees are beautiful

It’s all about versatility. With such a variety of drinks preferences under one roof, we can be particularly grateful that almost all common coffee beverages can be prepared very simply with a single espresso as their base. While I drink a cortado with oat milk in the morning, my husband prefers a fruity Americano. And after dinner, we like to offer our guests a velvety smooth ristretto. The Dallmayr Home Barista range caters to precisely this variety of tastes. “Caffè Crema Dolce”, for example, is excellent in any coffee beverage with milk – from cappuccino to flat white. The sustainably farmed beans are gently roasted, lending the coffee its mild flavour.

Caffè Crema Forte” also combines wonderfully with steamed milk, with the dark roast transforming each drink into a full-bodied, intense pleasure – perfect for espresso macchiato or a classic “Verlängerter” (espresso diluted with hot water). The golden-brown crema is a joy to behold, while the coffee has a spicy flavour with hints of nuts – all with low levels of acidity.

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A touch stronger is “Espresso Intenso”, which edged it as our favourite in the range. Best enjoyed without milk, this coffee gives your batteries the ultimate boost. Its intense roast really comes to the fore, with sweet notes lingering long on the nose.

Coffee is a little like wine: the more you try, the sooner and more likely you are to discover your personal tastes. Ambitious baristas can build on their know-how with a workshop at the Dallmayr Academy. Here, experts pass on their passion for experimenting with crema or steamed milk and provide participants with a deeper understanding of the coffee bean. A perfect gift!


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“Is it really worth having a portafilter espresso machine?”

This is a frequently discussed question in our kitchen, and my answer is a clear yes. During the years I worked in food-service, not only did I love the extraordinary beauty of a freshly polished portafilter espresso machine, but I grew particularly fond of using one to prepare coffee. In the mid-price range, a sturdy model for the home will cost around 500 euros and – if properly cared for – will last for many years. Equally important is a decent grinder that measures out the ideal amount of freshly ground beans while giving off that fabulous coffee aroma.

A further life hack has made our daily coffee routine an even greater pleasure: a timer switch attached to our portafilter espresso machine ensures that it is already preheated when we get up in the morning. That’s one less problem to think about if you’re awoken bright and early by an energetic toddler crawling across your face...


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Still, if you’d rather do without all this equipment – or your thoughts are with office colleagues with less affinity to the world of coffee – there’s no need to worry. After all, there are plenty of powerful fully automatic machines on the market that will make a magically smooth crema at the touch of a button. It’s the beans that make the difference!


Text & photos: Sonja Pham

Sonja Pham (www.sonjapham.com) is a freelance journalist and the deputy editor-in-chief of special-interest magazine “Grafikmagazin”. Previously, she worked for many years in the food-service industry, which today is reflected in her intense passion for coffee, cuisine and the culinary arts.