Three refreshing iced coffee variations for the summer

Cold brew, iced lime coffee and affogato

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Summer is just around the corner – and with it comes the urge for cool and refreshing drinks. Whether it’s a fruity cold brew, a fresh and citrusy iced lime coffee or a delightfully sweet affogato – iced coffee gives you the caffeine kick you need on the hottest days of the year. Our three simple recipes will give you a refreshing boost and take your coffee enjoyment to the next level.

Cold brew: mild and fruity coffee pleasure

Cold brew is particularly aromatic thanks to its long and slow brewing process. Prepared with cold water, it develops a particularly balanced flavour over a brewing time of 17 to 24 hours. That makes it the perfect base for a diverse range of summer drinks. And if you want a cold brew with an exotic twist, simply add a dash of coconut milk or some fresh fruit juice to the cold coffee.


  1. In a French press, add one litre of lukewarm water (approx. 30°C) to 100 g of fresh, medium-coarse ground coffee and stir well.
  2. Push the plunger of the French press down a little so that all the coffee grounds are under water.
  3. Leave the coffee to steep for around 17–24 hours at room temperature. Then, slowly push the plunger down to the bottom of the beaker.
  4. Pour the coffee through a filter into another pot or container. All done!
  5. Store any remaining coffee in the fridge.
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Did you know?

Thanks to its cold extraction, cold brew contains fewer bitter components, which allows the coffee’s fruity nuances to come to the fore.

Iced lime coffee: a refreshing kick

Iced lime coffee is a quick and refreshing treat that’s perfect for hot days. The aromas of our classic prodomo coffee combine with the Mediterranean nuances of lime to create a delightfully fresh flavour.


  1. Fill the coffee filter with 30 g of ground coffee.
  2. Add grated zest from half a lime.
  3. Add hot water to the ground coffee and lime zest.
  4. Pour the filter coffee into a glass filled with plenty of ice cubes and leave to cool.
  5. Add a dash of tonic water and garnish with a slice of lime.

Affogato: iced coffee pleasure from Italy

Affogato combines two of the tastiest treats: coffee and ice cream. This Italian classic is particularly easy to make, and is the perfect dessert or afternoon snack on a hot day.


  1. Prepare an espresso.
  2. Put one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream into a glass.
  3. Pour over the hot espresso and serve immediately.
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Whether you start the day with an invigorating cold brew, enjoy an iced lime coffee as a quick refreshment, or want to end the evening with a sweet affogato – with our iced coffees, the summer can finally begin!