Selection of the Year – Hakuna Matata

Fascinating premium coffee from East Africa

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As its name suggests, “Hakuna Matata” – our current Selection of the Year – comes from East Africa. A fascinating premium coffee where passion and a love of life meet – aromatic with a distinctive character, flavours of dark chocolate and delicate fruity notes.

An African adventure

The phrase “Hakuna Matata” comes from Swahili and roughly translates as “no worries!”. Swahili is the most widely spoken language in East Africa. The region east of the Nile, known for its endless savannahs, enormous lakes, montane rainforests and mountain ranges, is also the original home of coffee. The soils are mostly of volcanic origin – ideal for growing exquisite highland arabicas.

For our current Selection of the Year, beans from Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania have been perfected by our coffee experts with Dallmayr’s gentle art of roasting. Made using arabica and a small amount of high-quality robusta, this versatile highland composition captivates coffee lovers with its distinctive body. It is ideal for preparation in fully automatic machines. If you don’t have a fully automatic machine at home, we recommend preparing this coffee in a French press.

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