Dallmayr tea: enjoy tea with a good conscience

On the green path – from the plant to the packaging

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Our lives – and our shelves – wouldn’t be the same without tea. Tea has a long tradition at Dallmayr. We source our tea leaves from the world’s finest tea gardens – from India and Sri Lanka to China and Japan – and are always focussed on guaranteeing the very best in quality.

The source of good taste

Our passion for tea stretches back to the 19th century, when tea was still a precious commodity. Today, it has become an indispensable part of our lives and of the Dallmayr product range – from classic black tea and aromatic green teas to fine fruit and herbal varieties, we offer a wide range of products to delight every tea lover. The leaves for our black and green teas originate from a number of locations – ranging from the sunny southern slopes of the Himalayas to Japan – and are carefully selected and blended in the Dallmayr tea manufactory. 

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Whether in the Far East, or in the foothills of the Alps where we source the ingredients for our Alpine Herbs organic tea – traditional farming methods and processing by hand play a major role in the creation of all of our varieties, as they help to preserve each tea’s flavours and aromas. To guarantee the finest quality, the teas are tasted by our tea experts, who sample up to 100 cups a day.

Sustainability through reliable partnerships

For us, the environment and the people involved in tea production are just as important as the flavours and aromas of the final product. That’s why we maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers and are committed to fair working conditions. No to child or forced labour, and yes to fair pay and secure jobs – that is our philosophy. We work with numerous certifications such as Bio (organic) and Fairtrade, and follow the Code of Conduct laid down by the German Tea & Herbal Infusions Association. That way, we can ensure that our standards are being met.

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Environmental protection in our packaging: a sustainable commitment

We also think about the environment in the packaging for our products. Our teabags are packaged using green electricity, the paper for our boxes is FSC Mix certified, and our teabag envelopes are recyclable. And to reduce waste, our tea pockets – which include varieties such as Ginseng and Ginger, our rich and spicy East Frisian blend and various fruit teas like Fruits of the Forest – aren’t packaged in tea envelopes at all. The entire tea-pocket range is organic, and by employing climate-neutral processes, we are setting an example for a sustainable future.

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Our goal is to be a pioneer in sustainable tea. By combining tradition and modern environmental standards, we want to show that indulgence is possible without a guilty conscience. After all: our teas shouldn’t just taste great, but they should also contribute to a better world.