Dallmayr Home Barista Crema e Aroma

We welcome a new member of the Dallmayr Home Barista family: Crema e Aroma.

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Dallmayr Home Barista stands for perfect coffee indulgence at home and pleasure in the art of coffee-making. With the introduction of Home Barista Crema e Aroma, Dallmayr is now offering discerning coffee lovers an even greater variety of flavours. This new addition to the Home Barista family tastes strong and aromatic – ideal for all coffee specialities with milk, from cappuccino to latte macchiato.

The Home Barista range: for quality at home

It’s currently all the rage: whole bean coffee, freshly ground and brewed in your own home. One in three households now owns a fully automatic coffee machine or portafilter espresso machine. In response to the growing demand for high-quality coffee beans at home, Dallmayr has added to its popular Home Barista range – one of the most successful new coffee products on the market (BESTSELLER 2022). The new Crema e Aroma variety fits seamlessly into this stylishly designed family of products, which now comes in four eye-catching colours and really puts coffee fans in the mood for a cappuccino. All varieties come from sustainable farms, are traded fairly and bear the Rainforest Alliance seal. Not only does this underline Dallmayr’s dedication to quality, but also its commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility.

New member of the Home Barista cream team
This new addition to the Home Barista family tastes strong and aromatic with low levels of acidity. Thanks to its creamy texture and long, gentle and dark roasting process, Crema e Aroma is ideal for preparing any recipe or coffee beverage with milk.

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Did you know?

Those who enjoy their coffee consciously will discover differences from time to time. At the Dallmayr Academy, ambitious coffee lovers can dive deeper into the world of the coffee bean. Our coffee experts share their knowledge and passion for the coffee craft in various barista workshops. They show you how to get the best out of your coffee beans at home, how the crema forms in the cup, and skills for creating latte art.