River in the rainforest

Waste prevention and recycling

Good. Better. Sustainably packaged.

For us, sustainable and efficient business practices are inextricably linked. It is in our economic and ecological interest to manage our use of materials and energy efficiently and to avoid emissions. By doing business responsibly, we reduce waste, promote recycling and make a contribution to climate protection. A little bit more each day.

Doing more for the circular economy

Our packaging strategy: Reduce. Recycle. Reinnovate.

Coffee and tea are delicate natural products and need packaging. For us, quality always comes first in our search for suitable packaging materials. After all, a packaging’s function is to protect flavours and aromas while guaranteeing hygiene and the shelf life of all Dallmayr coffees and teas. So how do you create high-quality, visually appealing packaging that is also sustainable?

Our approach: as much as necessary, as little as possible – and whatever is left over is recycled and made part of the circular economy.


Measures taken so far and our next steps

Every cup counts.

Our environmentally friendly solutions for coffee to go

Disposable paper cups are certainly practical for drinking coffee on the move, but they are bad news for the environment. Even recycling these paper cups rarely compensates for the amount of resources used to make them – and all for a product that is used only for a short amount of time. An inner coating of plastic – required to prevent liquid soaking through the cup – makes the recycling process more difficult.

Our approach: Optimise disposable cups. Push ahead with reusable solutions.

We are working on optimising the materials used in our cups and stepping up our efforts to implement reusable solutions. Together with our suppliers, we are looking for alternatives that are as easy as possible to recycle and where fossil-fuel-based raw materials are no longer used in production.

Responsible solutions on the go