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Dallmayr single origin coffees

“A good cup of coffee is something precious
and requires care, respect and craftsmanship to create”

Pure origin. Pure taste

Most coffee varieties are blends in which beans from different regions and countries are combined and finely balanced.

The skill of the coffee roasting expert consists of always extracting the same, typical taste profile for a brand – even over decades, like for Dallmayr prodomo, for example.

What exactly is a...
single origin coffee ?

What exactly is a...
single origin coffee ?

There are also the single origin coffees: they come from a quite specific region and are, therefore, often only available in small quantities. One of the most well known is Blue Mountain from Jamaica. As with wine, the single origin coffees are characterised by a typical taste which delights different people, depending on the type.

Our experts underline this innate character of the bean through the roasting process which is individually tailored to it – in some cases in the factory method, as with GRAND CRU coffees.

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