The Dallmayr Delis

On paper, a snack.
By taste, an experience.

You know it well: had no time,
quickly grabbed something and ate it –
but really just to fill up.
The pleasure? Day in day out, this often
falls by the wayside, unfortunately.
That is what we want to change: with our Dallmayr Delis.
Delicatessen, easy to take away – inspired by modern,
urban and international cuisine.


Enjoy the selected Delis at half price – from 11–21 january.

*Applies from 11 – 21 January to all daily updated
Dallmayr Deli offers – whilst supplies last.

Fresh every day
from the Dallmayr kitchen.

The delis are made every day from our
very own recipes by our cooks in Dienerstraße.
Only the very best ingredients are used –
whether totally exotic, e.g. oriental or Asian, or of regional origin.
That’s why the Dallmayr Delis always taste uniquely fresh –
and especially delicious, bite for bite.

Combine according to
your mood and palate.

The Dallmayr Delis come in many variations.
They are especially varied – and taste exciting –
when you combine the delis.
With each other or also with other delicacies.
Like our very own smoked salmon,
or a delicate slice of roast beef from our deli counter.
Of course, you can also combine the delis at home
with a pan-fried fillet. With our delis, everything is
simply possible – and everything perfectly simple.

Deli Menu

You can find all current delis and many delicious
suggested combinations in the menu
you can download. Have a lot of fun
selecting and enjoying them!