Dallmayr Blacknight 2019 Visual
Dallmayr Blacknight 2019 Video

Dallmayr Black Night – Black. Blacker. Espresso. On the evening of Saturday, 9 November 2019, Dallmayr hosted “Black Night” – an inspirational event to celebrate espresso all in black, with coffee & food pairings, coffee cocktails and cool DJ sounds in an elegant rooftop atmosphere.

The event set the perfect stage for four new and exciting flavour combinations, delightfully presented during coffee & food pairings with Dallmayr Espresso Dark Roast.

Recipe tip
Sesame / cassis / carrot

Thanks to its wonderful combination of acidity and fruity aromas, this teriyaki skewer releases a thrilling burst of flavours. Small cubes of cassis jelly are threaded onto a skewer and wrapped in a strip of black carrot. This is then dipped into a sweet fruity marinade and rolled in caramelised black sesame seeds – a texture that truly tantalises your taste buds!

“Here, the espresso acts as a base for the variety of different flavours. It initially creates a contrast thanks to its intense aromas. The light acidity of the Dark Roast, which is reminiscent of blackcurrant, then serves as a connecting element, bringing together all the flavours and aromas to round off the taste experience.”

Black night recipe tip - teriyaki skewer
Dallmayr Alpen Barista Zugspitze 2019 Visual

Alpenbarista Zugspitze 2019

Dallmayr Alpen Barista Zugspitze 2019

Dallmayr Alpen Barista Zugspitze 2019 Video

The highest mountain. The best baristi.
The hardest contest.

On 18 May 2019, the international coffee scene met at the Alpenbarista on the Zugspitze mountain to witness the very best in barista craftsmanship.

In difficult conditions at an altitude of 2,962 metres, 15 baristi from nine countries battled it out in a fiercely fought contest. The result was an exclusive event with an exciting supporting programme, from Barista TV talks to coffee & food pairings.

Internorga 2019 Hamburg


The Internorga trade fair in Hamburg saw Dallmayr, Allegretto, Azul, Heimbs and I·O demonstrate their exquisite coffee craftsmanship at a 40-metre-long bar. Trade-fair guests could drink espresso made by top baristi, taste speciality coffees at a pour-over station, discover nitro cold brew and indulge in coffee and food pairings.

The exhibition area offered a full programme of activities, including expert discussions, a barista challenge and coffee workshops in which visitors could take part. Meanwhile, in the tea house, the new tea of the season — Dallmayr Gin — was presented for the first time. The Keo balloon also gave tea lovers a lift with a range of delicious tea flavours. There was so much to discover at the Dallmayr trade-fair stand — why not take a look for yourself…?


The perfect match! Dallmayr coffee & tea food pairing at the Vienna Coffee Festival 2019

Espresso with sweet strawberry and fruity lime, alpine herbs tea with crispy hay, and vanilla yoghurt jelly with berry-flavoured fruit tea: at the Vienna Coffee Festival, Dallmayr and its head patissier Holger Neugart took guests on a mouthwatering gourmet journey. For three days, everything at Vienna’s Ottakringer Brewery revolved around selected Dallmayr coffee and tea specialities perfectly combined with elaborately prepared food creations. A true highlight for coffee lovers and restaurateurs looking for that extra-special taste experience!

Menschen in einer ReiheMann am Tresen


The very first Dallmayr City Barista attracted a huge number of coffee fans to the Plaza Culinaria trade fair in Freiburg, Germany. Visitors were treated to an exciting programme of workshops and a tough barista challenge at the trade-fair stand.

Showdown in Freiburg

The Plaza Culinaria is one of the most important culinary trade fairs in southern Germany. For Dallmayr, the three-day fair was the perfect stage for presenting its passion for coffee and tea in all its forms. The highlight of Dallmayr’s trade-fair appearance was on the Saturday evening during the “City Barista Freiburg 2018” contest. Ambitious amateur and professional baristi competed before a jury of four experts, including Dallmayr professional barista Harald Baumüller, Dallmayr Head of Marketing and coffee specialist Daniel Rizzotti, Dallmayr coffee expert Gunnar Willipinski and coffee specialist Philipp Mayr.

Menschen am Barista StandMann der mit verbundenen Augen Kaffee einschenkt


On your cups, get set, go!

In celebration of its 50th birthday, Dallmayr Switzerland invited competitors to take part in the Dallmayr Barista Jam in Lugano.

The Barista Jam proved to be the highlight of the anniversary celebrations. Under the watchful eyes of a four-member expert jury — including Dallmayr professional barista Harald Baumüller, Dallmayr marketing expert Daniel Rizzotti, and coffee specialist Philipp Mayr — participants put their skills to the test at the espresso machine. The event was moderated once more by Hamburg barista trainer and coffee specialist Tolga Daglum, who together with Swiss presenter Christa Rigozzi whipped up a fantastic atmosphere. The best three baristi won prize money totalling 2,750 euros, along with personalised trophies from Dallmayr.

EspressomaschineBarista bedient EspressomaschineGebäude von außen mit violettem Licht angestrahlt


Showdown in Bremen

Held during the German Coffee Championships at the Gastro Ivent trade fair in Bremen, Dallmayr invited baristi, café and restaurant owners, machine manufacturers and service providers to a get-together at Bremen’s new Dallmayr Academy. Away from the trade-fair halls, the event provided a relaxed atmosphere for guests to discuss current coffee trends and to put their coffee-making skills to the test in front of a four-strong specialist jury.

The highlight was the Barista Jam, but the event also celebrated the opening of Dallmayr’s new training centre in Bremen. Alongside Munich and Brunswick, the Hanseatic city is one of the Dallmayr’s three main production sites. Founded in 2007 as the AromAcademy, the Bremen training centre now has shining new facilities under the Dallmayr Academy name.

Menschen mit riesigen SchecksIm Vordergrund Tassen. Im Hintergrund Menschen die um eine Arbeitsfläche herum stehen.


Munich’s coolest barista challenge

Germany’s best baristi, huge amounts of coffee and – at the centre of it all – two shiny silver Black Eagle machines from Victoria Arduino: on the evening of 24 November 2016, the second Dallmayr Barista Jam attracted some 130 invited guests – baristi, restaurateurs, service providers, coffee producers and machine manufacturers – who shared in the fun and excitement at the Dallmayr Academy. A fantastic rooftop atmosphere in the heart of Munich!


A dimly lit room, cool music and – at the centre of it all – two elegant Victoria Arduino coffee machines from Nuova Simonelli: these were the ingredients for success at the very first Dallmayr Barista Jam. Held during the German Barista Championships, which were taking place at Munich’s Food & Life trade fair, Dallmayr invited baristi, café and restaurant owners, machine manufacturers and service providers to the Dallmayr Academy training centre on 27 November 2015 to celebrate and exchange ideas. Away from the trade-fair halls, guests had the opportunity to discuss current coffee trends in a relaxed atmosphere and to demonstrate their impressive barista skills using the Academy’s coffee machines.