Sweet Orange Latte

The pleasure of coffee with a fruity twist

Coffee pleasure reimagined: that's our "Sweet Orange Latte"! The combination of sweet honey, fresh milk and fruity orange juice creates a unique taste experience. This special latte is served with our intense Home Barista Crema e Aroma espresso.


  • 150 ml Milch
  • 1 TL Honig
  • 100 ml Orangensaft
  • 1 Espresso (ca. 30 ml) Home Barista Crema e Aroma


This is how you prepare the Sweet Orange Latte: 

  1. Pour 150 ml of milk into a glass and add 1 teaspoon of honey.
  2. Froth the mixture until a creamy milk froth forms.
  3. Pour almost all of the milk into another glass, leaving a little left over. Now add 100 ml of orange juice.
  4. Then carefully pour an espresso (approx. 30 ml) of our Home Barista Crema e Aroma into the glass.
  5. Finally, top your latte with the rest of the frothed milk to create a fine head of foam.
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