Iced Lime Coffee

Filter coffee with a kick of freshness

Our Iced Lime Coffee is the perfect choice if you want to start the day refreshed and full of energy. This unique blend of classic black filter coffee and fresh lime zest brings the necessary freshness and vitality to your morning routine. Perfect for hot summer days and anyone who wants to enjoy an innovative coffee creation.

For the Iced Lime Coffee you need: 

  • 30 g Dallmayr prodomo
  • Zest of half a lime
  • 500 ml hot water
  • 120 g ice cubes
  • Optional: A dash of tonic


Preparation in the Chemex: 

  • Moisten the filter paper: Moisten the filter paper with hot water to remove any paper flavors and preheat the filter.

  • Prepare the filter coffee: Fill the filter with 30 g Dallmayr prodomo and sprinkle the lime zest evenly over it.

  • Blooming: Pour 80 ml of hot water over the coffee powder and leave it to swell for 30 seconds. This is called "blooming" and it helps to release the aromas of the coffee.

  • Pour on: Pour the remaining 420 ml of hot water slowly and evenly over the coffee powder. This should take around 2:30 to 3:30 minutes.

  • Add ice: Fill a glass with 120 g ice cubes and pour the freshly brewed coffee over it. Stir well so that the coffee cools down and the flavors combine.

  • Optionally add tonic: For an extra refreshing touch, add a dash of tonic.