Dallmayr x Europa-ParkEuropa-Park mascot Ed Euromaus holding a Dallmayr cappuccino cup

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Unforgettable moments at Europa-Park with Dallmayr

More than 5 million people visit Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, each season to experience the magic of over 100 attractions and shows. As visitors move through 15 areas themed around different countries, Dallmayr is always at their side – with hot drinks typical for each country and an unforgettable gourmet experience in the theme park, during events or at their hotel.

A pastry served with a Dallmayr espresso and accessories at Europa-Park - Individual Dallmayr latte cups in a Europa-Park café, perfect for food-service requirements

A gourmet journey through Europe with Dallmayr

The coffee journey begins at Kaffi Hús in Iceland – ideal for those who like coffee Icelandic-style. Thanks to Dallmayr coffee sacks, along with eye-catching menus, menu boards and table display cards with Kaffi Hús design, guests may be forgiven for thinking that they’ve been transported directly to the Nordic island.

And those looking for an even more intense Scandinavian experience can pop into the newly constructed Hotel Krønasår. There, in a small bakery, Dallmayr delights guests with hand-brewed coffee accompanied by home-made pastries and exquisite cakes. Dallmayr’s very own design concept – with striking decorative elements on menus, hot-water equipment and coffee machines – makes Café Konditori feel even more Scandinavian.

The journey continues! “Different countries, different customs” doesn’t just apply to how coffee is prepared. Dallmayr has also incorporated various cultures into the hot-beverage concept with its choice of coffee cups and mugs. So while guests at the Medici restaurant travel to Italy with a traditional Italian espresso, those at Petite France enjoy café au lait in the latte bowls typical for our French neighbours. Then things turn a little more rustic at the Silver Lake Saloon, where coffee is served in enamel mugs.

Lounge area in the Dallmayr Hydda at Europa-Park - A food-service employee serving Dallmayr coffee from the mobile coffee bar at Europa-Park

Visitors experience so many special and unforgettable moments at Europa-Park. For what must be the most exclusive indulgence, we recommend a visit to Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant. Awarded two Michelin stars, this fine-dining restaurant serves exquisite speciality coffees from the Dallmayr Röstkunst (art of roasting) range – the perfect complement to an atmosphere of pure indulgence.

Unadulterated action and adventure await those who visit the “Rulantica” water world, which opened in 2020. Anyone needing a little rest from the slides and waves in the swimming pool can rent a “Komfort Hydda”. Designed by Dallmayr, the Hydda welcomes guests with a maritime interior and seafaring flair. While bathers can relax with a coffee or soothing cup of tea, younger explorers are invited to take part in a treasure hunt: whoever solves the puzzle is rewarded with some Dallmayr treasure.

Dallmayr x Europa-Park – Theme park & resort

Mobile solutions for special treats

Dallmayr is also present at Europa-Park events, providing mobile solutions for the perfect coffee break. A Piaggio Ape with Dallmayr design spoils guests on the move with high-quality coffee specialities from a portafilter espresso machine. And in summer, visitors can look forward to freshly prepared iced teas from Dallmayr’s refurbished iced-tea bike.

High-quality outdoor accessories such as branded beanbags, deckchairs and cosy blankets at open-air cinema screenings invite visitors to hang around and relax with a good cup of coffee. Dallmayr also offers special promotions at selected events, including exclusive tea workshops and tasting stands at the annual Ladies-Only Festival. “Our hot-beverage sales have increased even further over the past few years thanks to Dallmayr’s diverse range of hot-beverage solutions. I’m already looking forward to our next projects together,” explains Thomas Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park – the eighth generation of the family to occupy the position.

Strong partners

Dallmayr has been Europa-Park’s coffee partner since 2018, and thanks to its all-round service package and extensive hot drinks portfolio, it delights visitors with tailor-made solutions in every area of food-service. “Europa-Park thrives on the diversity of European culture. Together with Dallmayr, we have succeeded in allowing visitors to experience the flavours of different coffee-drinking countries,” says Thomas Mack. The cooperation between the two family-owned companies is lived out as a strategic partnership that goes far beyond supplying hot beverages. Dallmayr also demonstrates its abilities in implementing concepts and design elements. “We see ourselves as a creative force and are always looking to implement new and innovative ideas. For us, Europa-Park is the ideal partner for developing new and completely individual concepts, and for working together to implement them in each food-service area. This allows us to highlight and further strengthen the very elements that make Europa-Park so special,” explains Caroline Epping, Marketing at Dallmayr.